mercredi 11 mai 2016

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  1. Dear Leo Brunel,

    I have a question concerning you movie "Voltige".
    We organise a social-cultural event called "Wanderkino" (wandering cinema) with a group of young adolescents in the rural area of Hunsrück (Germany). We wander through the village with a little red wagon and screen short movies onto walls. On this occasion we'd love to show your movie "Voltige", which we found during our film-research. Would you be so kind to allow us the screening?

    Unfortunately we don't have a lot of budget and the event is supposed to be for free, so that children with little money can also take part - so it would be great, if you gave us the screening-permission for free! It will only be a one-time-event and there's no money-earning about it!

    This is my working place organising the event, an institute for media eduation:

    If you're OK with us showing your movie, it would be great, if you'd send us an download-link in hd!

    Kind regards,
    Johanna Gather

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